Because the nature of my quest I must tell yo I am feeling alone.
Trying to bring the "grouping of needs set at birth moment" concept into the scientific world is a very hard task because is connected with astrological signs.
Sometime (not very often thought) I get called names - me or my theory - even if I am only presenting arguments and not a single mystic thing, even if we are in the year 2010 (at the moment of this writing) when people were supposed to have an open mind and to have learned some lessons from history, even if that is lack of respect to my time and effort invested. But such persons do exist - we cant deny their right to live.
So I do welcome all feedback even if negative - if is constructive.

You can  approve this theory or not because of some reasons or you can simply like or dislike it.

If you dont approve it because you think there is a logic flaw please tell me what that is.
Big part of my theory was actually build on feedback from people who spotted such areas - I sat and think and I realized I didnt explained very well some things that for me were ok.

If you like my theory and want to help there are several things you can do.

 - As I said I am pretty alone in my quest so just simply expressing your support will help me - will bring me some courage and energy. You can do that here: impressions or on the forum that I set up (when will work :) ) or on email (

If you want to get more involved, here is more you can do:
 - As you know I am trying to prove my signs theory with psychologists.

I am currently  doing all that I can to request help from psychologists to design a test (in the beginning) and later to put it in practice.
This includes starting threads on psychology forums and sending emails to various psychologists.
If you like this theory and can do something in this direction please help.

You can go on those forums and support me. If psychologists will see there is a popular demand for it they might weight more their decisions.

Here are psychology forum links where I posted my theory (I will add others soon):

If you know a psychologist please tell him about this theory and ask him what is his opinion or what can be done.
IF YOU ARE A PSYCHOLOGIST and you like this theory and want to get involved please contact me (

- Another thing what you can do is to spread the word about this theory.
Tell your friends.
Add a link to this blog into your blog. I will do the same if you ask it.
This will result in either criticism (constructive hopefully) that will help me improve my theory, either some form of support.
Also just making this concept popular will give it more chances to be heard by the right person (a psychologist - who can do what it takes to bring it to the scientific world).

I will set up a poll.

I am also considering to setup a donate link.

Money is the quickest way to solve problems. As Dadan (White cat black cat) said: if you cant solve a problem with money - solve it with more money :).
Also you might want to make your quiet contribution to this cause and the effort I put in it.

Yes - please express your support to this idea by a small donation - whatever you consider or you can. It will be welcome.
I will make a list with people who donated - only if you express this wish.